Renée Bouchard
Renée Bouchard's lives and paints in North Bennington, VT. Over the past two years she has been working in Manhattan domestically and decoratively renovating an apartment on Fifth Avenue. In January 2019, she started her first semester as an MFA candidate at the Vermont College of Fine Art. She attended the Phoebe Flory Watercolor School and the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1995. Later in 1999 she graduated from the Maine College of Art in painting. In 2016, her exhibit Kaleidoscopic Pathos was held at the Vermont State House’s Governor Gallery. As an artist in residence in 2017, at Southern Vermont College she taught the course Art, Making and Meaning in which college students collaborated with preschool children on large canvases. She and her 3 year old son had a collaborative painting; The Fear of It; What Above Love at Andrew Edlin’s Gallery exhibition Et Tu, Arte Brute?
Her studio practice involves painting from observation and experience in the outdoors of New England often mixing ground pigments with oils using a glass palette. When working in the studio, Renée's paintings explore invented interior landscapes evocative of mysterious labyrinths or complex caves. Materials used for the works are often gifts, found, or sentimental. She believes it is an ethical responsibility to be resourceful with materials.
"I see Children's art as the earliest and most abstract search for language. As in Zen painting, one mark is capable of containing many aspects of human presence. Escaping the confines of one reality and entering a new reality is often where I find meaning within the complexity of the mind and the emotions it houses."
Her current research is on Composition in Art, Dystopian Beauty, Abstract Expressionism, and Impressionism. She is simultaneously and carefully considering mud and monsters. She is delighted to be working with Colin Hunt as VCFA's artist mentor for the next six months.
Renée Bouchard Artist Statement 2019