Renée Bouchard
Renée Bouchard's recent paintings explore invented interior landscapes evocative of mysterious labyrinths or complex caves.
Materials used for the recent works are often gifts, found, or sentimental.
I believe it is my ethical responsibility to be resourceful with materials. I experiment with chance by way of collaboration with children, especially my 3-year old son, and by so doing I am able to widen my visual vocabulary while emphasizing the importance of early childhood education. I see children’s art as the earliest and most abstract search for language. As in Zen painting, one mark is capable of containing many aspects of human presence. Escaping the confines of one reality and entering a new reality is often where I find meaning within the complexity of the mind and the emotions it houses.
I use titles to constrain the viewer within the ambiguity of my paintings. Playing the role of the archetypical child, I begin by doodling. Color is the machine that organizes it. Ultimately, I strive to integrate my life and art making.
Renée Bouchard Artist Statement 2016